Clutches and Brakes

Applied Power Solutions offers a comprehensive line of industrial brakes and clutches. These include pneumatic, electromagnetic, caliper disc, mechanical, hydraulic, torque limiting, tension brakes and tooth products. These are world-class quality products produced by the industry's leading manufacturers.

  • Pneumatic Clutches and Brakes include: Eaton/Airflex, WPT (located in Wichita Falls, Texas), Desch, Carlson/PowerFlo, Nexen, Mach III, and Carlisle.
  • Electromagnetic Clutches and Brakes include: Warner Electric, Matrix, KEB, Kebco, Inertia Dynamics, and EmTorq.
  • Caliper Disc Brakes include Eaton/Airflex, WPT, Carlson/Powerflo, Svendborg, Dellner and Twiflex.
  • Mechanical Clutches and Brakes include: Formsprag, Marland, Steiber, PSI, Warner, BLM and TB Woods.
  • Hydraulic Clutches include: Eaton, Desch, Transfluid, Herion, and TB Woods.
  • Tension Brakes include: Eaton Water Cooled Brakes, WPT Water Cooled Brakes, Nexen, Carlson/Powerflo, Warner, Svendborg and Twiflex.
  • Torque Limiting Clutches include: Eaton, Nexen, Mach III, and Warner.
  • Tooth Clutches include: Matrix and Nexen.