Power Transmission

Applied Power Solutions offers a wide array of products for your industrial Power Transmission needs.

Products include:

  • Around the Shaft Seals from Carlson/Powerflo and Desch. Automation Controls from Kamco and Pressroom Electronics. Ball Screws from Rockford Ball Screw and Warner Linear. Belt Drives from TB Woods. Brake Monitors from Pressroom Electronics and Triad. Bushings from TB Woods. Flexible Couplings from Lovejoy, Formsprag, Warner, Amerigear, and Ameridrives. Fluid Couplings from Transfluid. Friction Material from Scan Pac, Carlisle, PM Automotive and Bremskerl. Gear Motors from Bauer, Warner, and DeMag. Gear Reducers from Boston, Cone Drive, Henschel, and Amerigear. Hydrostatic Variable Speed Drive from Var-Spe. Keyless Shaft Locking from B-Loc and Climax. Light Curtains from Pinnacle and Triad. Linear Actuators from Warner Linear, Norgren, and Eaton. Press Controls from Pressroom Electronics. Quick Release Valves from Eaton/Airflex, WPT, and Norgren. Rotating Kam Limit Switches from Kamco. Rotary Unions from Eaton/Airflex, WPT, and Deublin. Safety Mats from Matamatic and Pinnacle Precision. Torque Limiters from Eaton, Nexen, Mach III, and Warner. Variable Speed Drives from Var-Spe, KEB, Kebco, and TB Woods.